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15 MHz Compact Oscilloscope

15 MHz Compact Oscilloscope

Product Description

Scientech 800 PortableScope is a compact lightweight Oscilloscope, specially designed to meet the requirements of service technicians and advance amateurs. The principal feature of Scientech 800, which makes it an indispensable instrument for servicing, is the built-in Component Tester. This allows both passive and active components testing, while connected in-circuit and thus making servicing more efficient and cost effective. The front panel has been designed for easy operation with all controls. Scientech 800 is user friendly and ideal instrument for service.

Product Features

  • Compact Size 
  • 15 MHz Bandwidth 
  • Component and Continuity Tester 
  • Sweep Speed 200 ns 
  • Stable Triggering upto 30 MHz 
  • Digital Readout with Backlit LCD 
  • USB Interface & PC Software (Optional) 
  • Sharp Trace CRT & Auto Focus 
  • 1 Year Warranty

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