Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

Product Description

Wireless communication is the very key invention in the field of electronics engineering. Our Wireless Communication module of Simtel product family assists users to understand the Wireless Communication. It not only explains basics but also have latest concepts like CDMA.

Product Features

  • Cellular Fundamentals: Fundamentals, Frequency Reuse, Architecture, Interference, Path Environment, Coverage and Capacity
  • GSM Network: History, GSM Family, Network, Subsystem entities, Logical Channel, Multiplexing scheme, GSM Management, Call Management, Call Setup, call release, Handover, GSM Security
  • CDMA: Multiple Access Techniques, CDMA Transmitter, Working, Spread S pectrum, DSSS, Frequency Hoping, Pseudo Random Code, Power Control, Handoff Process, Rake Receiver, Capacity of CDMA

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