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Basic Electrical and Electronics

Basic Electrical and Electronics

Product Description

Simtel Basic Electrical and Electronics possess all the fundamental topics of electrical and electronics. It is a very useful software designed to study the fundamentals and applications of electricity, electronics: analog and digital, circuit analysis, network analysis, electromagnetism and electronic instruments. This software is useful for education of anyone that possesses an interest in the intriguing fields of electricity and electronics including professor, engineer, electrician, technician or a student.

Product Features

  • Basic Concepts:    Atom, Charge, Introduction to Electricity, DC and AC Sources of Electricity, Electronic Components       
  • Series and Parallel Circuits   
  • Voltage Divider and Current Divider Circuit
  • Circuit Analysis: Ohm`s Law, Kirchhff`s Law, Loop and Mesh Analysis, Star and Delta Network   
  • Network Theorems: Thevenin’s, Norton`s, Superposition, Maximum Power Transfer, Millman`s, Reciprocity   
  • Magnetism           
  • Electromagentism           
  • Alternating Current Circuts               
  • Transformer           
  • Rectifier           
  • Filter           
  • Three Phase Circuits           
  • Electrical Machines: DC Machine, Ac Machine   
  • Semiconductor Devices: Diode, BJT, FET, Operational Amplifier, Power Amplifier, Thyristor Family   
  • Measuring Instruments: Oscilloscope, Multimeter       
  • Digital Electronics       
  • Number Systems   
  • Codes   
  • Complements
  • Boolean Algebra   
  • Logic Gates   
  • Arithematic Circuits: Adder, Subtractor
  • Combinational Circuits: Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Encoder, Decoder
  • Sequential Circuits (Flip-Flops): S-R Flip-Flop, D Flip-Flop, J-K Flip-Flop, T Flip-Flop
  • Registers and Counters   

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