Antenna and Radar

Antenna and Radar

Product Description

Simtel Antenna is a very powerful tool to understand core concepts like working principal of Antenna, transmission, reception and construction details of different kinds of Antennas virtually through high quality simulation, rich theoretical content and attractive animated diagrams.

Product Features

  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Maxwell`s Equation
  • Antenna Parameters: Radiation pattern, Power pattern, Directivity, Gain, Beam width, Bandwidth, Polarization, VSWR, Reciprocity and, Antenna Loading
  • Classification of Antenna: Wire Antenna, Aperture Antenna, Printed Antenna, Leaky Wave Antenna, Reflector Antenna, and Lens Antenna
  • Different Antennas: Infinitesimal Antenna, Linear Antenna, Antenna Array, Half-Wave Dipole Antenna, Horn Antenna, Log and Helical Antenna, Parasitic Antenna – YAGI Antenna, Ground Quarter Wavelength Antenna

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