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Electronic Instruments

Electronic Instruments
SKU 106

Product Description

Electronic instrumentation refers to measuring instruments used to measure the properties of electrical devices. Electronics Instrumentation is a subject which deals with various types of electrical instruments with their functionality and operation. There are various ElectricalElectronics Instruments; broadly speaking they are analog instruments, digital instruments. And even they are classified according to the utilization of voltage and current. SKU Electronic Instruments explains in detailed different analog and digital instruments constructions, working and their measurement techniques in a manner that is clearer, interesting, and easier to understand. SKU covers everything that the student needs to familiarize themselves with the measurement techniques and electronic instruments.

Product Features

  • Measurement Basics        
  • Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instrument       
  • Electronic Voltmeter        
  • Ammeter        
  • Bridges        
  • Transducers
  • Electronic Instruments        
  • Microwave instruments

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