Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing
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Product Description

DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing - the basis of many areas of technology, from mobile phones to modems and multimedia PC. DSP is traditionally a highly mathematical subject, and the standard DSP textbooks contain a lot of mathematical exposition. This is necessary for a profound understanding of the subject. However, many people just want a simple introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of DSP. This courseware introduces the basic concepts of Digital Signal Processing by use of analogies, animations and examples.

Product Features

  • Introduction of DSP        
  • What is Signal        
  • Representation of Signal        
  • Classification of Signal        
  • Sequence Operation        
  • LTI        
  • Discrete Time Systems        
  • Convolution        
  • Correlation        
  • Signal Analysis        
  • Trigonometric Function        
  • Fourier Series        
  • Fourier Transform        
  • DFT        
  • Properties of DFT        
  • Fast Fourier Transform        
  • Sampling        
  • Quantization        
  • ADC and DAC Converters        
  • Z – Transform        
  • Filter Design        
  • IIR Filters        
  • FIR Filter Design        
  • Realization Structure of IIR filters        
  • Embedded Systems        
  • DSP Processors

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