School & College Management System

School & College Management System

Product Description

The main challenge for any school management system, whether it’s a private or public school, is to maintain an exhaustive system that’s easy to use. The smooth functioning of an educational enterprise is dependent on the efficiency of the maintenance and recording process. Thanks to the advancement of technology, schools can now use simplified software solutions that automate the process of management.
Every school has several departments, and the process of extracting real-time reports from each department and division can be a herculean task. Enterprise resource planning or ERP software provides a base for recording transactions, storing data and generating instant reports – and even creating a Virtual Campus.
SPLASH modules support admissions, accounts, attendance management, assignment and examination management, fees, user management, human resources, student registration, parent management, classes management, e-applicant management, e-learning, SMS and email alerts, recruitment management, inventory management, library, payroll, timetabling, scheduling, web reporting, external device interface management, alumni, event management and more.

Product Features

  •  Accounts Module
  •  Attendance Module
  •  Examination Module
  •  Fees Module
  •  User Management Module
  •  Staff / HR Module
  •  Students Registration Module
  •  Parents Module
  •  Class Module
  •  Activities Module
  •  Front Office Module
  •  Hostel Module
  •  Recruitment Module
  •  Library Module
  •  Transport Module
  •  Admission Module
  •  Time Table Module
  •  Schedulers & Reminders Module
  •  Web Reporting Module
  •  Assignment Module
  •  Pre-Applicant Module
  •  Management Module
  •  SMS & Email Alert Module
  •  Alumni Module
  •  Event Management Module
  •  Inventory Module
  •  Payroll Module

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