Tool for better Student engagement in the Classroom

Tool for better Student engagement in the Classroom

Product Description

Student engagement is essential for learning, but it`s not always easy to involve the students, especially in large classrooms. Students may limit participation because they`re intimidated, unprepared, or scared. Worse yet, they`re might even be lost or stuck on a topic but will be too scared to ask. Fortunately, Scientech Student-Response Systems can help you connect with students, even in the largest lecture hall. Not only will your students learn more, and at a higher cognitive level, but you`ll also have a greater ability to assess their progress. Scientech Student-Response Systems can be used in learner-centered teaching to prompt discussion, do practice problems, assess student preparation and understanding and to gather student`s opinions about the course and its content.

Product Features

  • True/false and multiple choice
  • Easy to connect to the session
  • Multiple Classroom setups without interference
  • Indicator light Confirms receipt of responses
  • Allows for multiple classroom setups without interference
  • OS supports : Windos and Linux
  • 50 meter signal range
  • 2 hour charging will provide aprox. 1 month battery life.

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