Scientech Smart Transport

Since most parents are unable to pickup and drop-off their children to and from school, the school found it necessary to have a system in place that gave the school authorities as well as parents live information about whether their children had reached school safely, were within the school premises and whether they had returned home safely. Looking after this child safety need Scientech come-up with Intelligent School Vehicle Tracking Solution which enables educational institutions to gain real-time visibility of vehicles and ensure safe and secure transportation for children. Notification alerts for over speeding, accidents/breakdowns, harsh braking and panic alarms are sent via SMS and are highlighted on the dashboard for quick action. Parent will get SMS notifications and can live track the vehicle movement and child's boarding and deboarding from the vehicle.


  • Effective live monitoring of multiple school vehicles.
  • Monitoring of each individual student from home to school and back.
  • Administrator control and overview of school vehicle operations, with alerts.
  • Eliminates chances of student getting on the wrong vehicle, getting off at the wrong stop or being left behind after the route has been completed.
  • Safe and secure transportation of the child.
  • No child is left unattended on the school vehicle.
  • Ensures that the child is not left behind sleeping in the vehicle.
  • SMS alerts to parents when children arrive at school or are dropped off.
  • Live tracking of school vehicle location along its route.
Scientech Smart GPS


Pickup / Drop SMS and Email

Automated Pick / Drop and arrival alerts are sent to parents mobile and event/alarm alerts are send to admin

Student and Staff Management

  • Manage schools, Staff, Students and their class / Section.
  • Providing GPS as well as School ERP Solution in a same platform.

Inappropriate Drop-off

Get notification when your child is dropped at a wrong vehicle stop


An Passive RFID reader is integrated with standard tracking to update the attendance of the students on school online software.

Route Discipline - Geo-fence

Get instant alerts on set numbers / ID's when the vehicle goes off route. Also ensure compliance with designated route stoppages.

Panic Button

Button accessible to the driver is an advantages to send instant alerts via SMS during and emergency enabling quick actions.


Analyze the driver behavior and performance through various parameters like time punctuality, speed and route regulations.

Logistic Management

  • To manage route, stoppage, vehicle detail and assign / unassigned vehicle to student and staff.
  • Backup tracking history upto 3 months..

Live Tracking

Improve transparency and be able to track the detailed movement of the vehicle live on a map with data updates every 20 seconds. Location accuracy is +/- 10 meters.


  • Keep a tab on drives, get instant email, SMS alerts when the School Vehicle over speeds with location and speed details.
  • Vehicle flip or about to flip alert.
  • Device tampering alert

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