Global System for Mobile Communication

Global System for Mobile Communication

Product Description

Scientech 2133 Global System for Mobile Communication platform is a modem or mobile equipment for transmission of voice and data calls as well as SMS (Short Message Service) in GSM Network.

To control the GSM modem there is an advanced set of A T commands according to GSM ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) 07.07 and 07.05 implemented. The GSM standard has established itself across continents.

The platform is well suited for studying AT commands by camping to real networks using SIM card.

Product Features

  • Operate on Windows and Linux platform
  • USB Interface for communication
  • Best suitable for IoT gateway application
  • External connector to interface with any microcontroller
  • Easy understanding of AT commands
  • Real time operation
  • Built in network status LED
  • Audio interface connector
  • Simple/Easy operation
  • External antenna
  • Application module relay inter face for AC device (optional)

Scope of Learning

  • GSM Theory & Standards
  • Understanding of GSM technology, its network, GSM capability &  data services.
  • Understanding RF environment & study of GSM network by actually connecting to the GSM environment by any service provider.
  • Command Level Study
  • Real Time study of GSM 07.05 & 07.07 commands in various Categories :
    • Command concerning modem & SIM card hardware
    • Network registration commands
    • Call control command
    • Call setting commands
    • Call information commands
    • Phone Book commands
    • Serial link control commands
    • Message setting commands
    • Storing/restoring commands    
    • Error message handling & survey

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