CPLD Development Platform

CPLD Development Platform

Product Description

Scientech 105 CPLD Development Platform featuring the Xilinx CPLD XC95108PC84.This platform provides an inexpensive & Expandable Circuit board on which to design & Implement digital Circuit of all kinds.

Product Features

  • ŸExplanation of System Architecture Ÿ
  • CPLD (Xilinx XC95108PC84) Development Board Ÿ
  • 108 macrocells with 2400 usable gates 108 users I/O pins Ÿ
  • Xilinx Webpack Development Software CD Ÿ
  • Sample Code for Board Testing Ÿ
  • Learning Material (CD) for reference Ÿ
  • Functional Explanation of Development Boards Ÿ
  • Detachable 54 I/Os for easy to experiment Ÿ
  • 16 DIP Switches for Logic Inputs Ÿ
  • 16 LED Outputs for Logic Outputs Ÿ
  • 6 Digit 7-Segment Multiplexed Display Ÿ
  • Pushbutton switches for Pulse Inputs Ÿ
  • Scientech 105 can also be used as an XC95108PC84 programmer

Scope of Learning

  • Basic gates

  • Flip-Flop

  • Mux -Demux

  • Encoder-Decoder

  • Counter

  • Resistors LED flasher

  • Bank Token Display

  • IP Core design for Rs232 Interface 

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