Single Phase Controlled Rectifier with Cosine Firing Scheme

Single Phase Controlled Rectifier with Cosine Firing Scheme

Product Description

Scientech 2709 is a platform which helps Students to understand the various concept of Cosine wave firing scheme for single phase controlled rectifiers. 2709 is also useful for Students to perform controlled rectifiers on various configurations like half wave, full wave, bridge, symmetrical & symmetrical configurations. This platform is provided with built in AC & DC power supplies, sockets for making different interconnections in the circuit and exhaustive learning material.

Product Features

  • Built in power supply.
  • Easy to operate and understand.
  • Two firing circuits on single board.
  • Gradual firing angle control upto 180 degree.
  • Test points to observe output of different blocks.
  • On board AC sources of 15 V and 18 V.
  • More than six experiments can be performed on single board.

Scope of Learning

  • Study of Cosine Firing Scheme

  • Study of Half Wave Controlled Rectifier

  • Study of Full Wave Controlled Mid Point Rectifier

  • Study of Fully Controlled Bridge Rectifier

  • Study of Common Anode Configuration

  • Study of Common Cathode Configuration

  • Study of Asymmetrical Configuration

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