Universal PLC Platform

Universal PLC Platform

Product Description

In today`s environment of automation, the importance of PLC has rapidly increased. Scientech 2400 Universal PLC Platform is an ideal setup to study the working of PLC`s used for industrial applications. Scientech 2400 has been designed to learn and practice -

  • Wiring of PLC with different inputs and outputs.
  • Push to ON switch, Toggle switch, Limit switch, IR Sensor as an input to the PLC.
  • Realistic Simulation that can drive visual indicators, audio indicators, and DC Motor, Pilot Lamp, Relay card.

Product Features

  • Freedom to select PLC of different makes
  • Open platform to explore wide PLC applications
  • Industrial look & feel
  • Toggle switches, Push to ON switch, Limit switch, IR Sensor , LED`s , Buzzer, DC Motor, Pilot Lamp, Relay card
  • Din rail mounting for PLC}Powerful instruction sets
  • PC based Ladder programming
  • High execution speed
  • Extremely easy and student friendly software to develop different programs
  • Several sample Ladder programs
  • Choice of PLC and expansion modules
  • Easy downloading of programs
  • Practice Troubleshooting skills
  • Compact tabletop ergonomic design
  • Ready Experimental details
  • Robust Construction
  • Online Product Tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Study and use of Ladder programming

  • Study and use of NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) instruction

  • Study and use of set and reset bit

  • Study and use of Timers

  • Study and use of Counter

  • Study and use of compare instruction

  • Study and use of interrupt

  • Study and use of subroutine

  • Study and use of math functions 

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