Flow Measuring Workbench Setup

Flow Measuring Workbench Setup

Product Description

Scientech 2474 Flow Measuring Workbench solution consists of an instrument panel and a working area made up of antistatic material that is useful for study of the principal and working of specialized dedicated flow measuring setup. This system comprises of the latest components, which reflect the newest technological innovations in this field. Flow Measuring Workbench assists students and industry professionals in understanding the concepts and workings of flow measuring instruments. This further enables them to learn advance and more complex flow process; and contribute to the growth of the instrumentation area. Wheels (with locking mechanism) are provided in the workstation so that it can be moved around easily.

Flow Measuring Workbench includes different types of Flow Sensors including Impeller type Flow meter, Turbine type Flow meter, Orifice Flow meter with Differential Pressure Transmitter, Venturi tube Flow meter, Vortex Flow meter, Electromagnetic Flow meter, Rotameter, Manometer, Flow Nozzle, and Reservoir Tank. It encompasses safety measures such as emergency shutdown and over heating protector. Scientech 2474 allows the user to perform a wide range of experiments while learning intricate concepts in an interactive and simple manner.

Product Features

  • Industrial process control design
  • Heavy duty bench Workstation
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • User friendly, self explanatory system
  • Diffierent Types of Flow Sensors like Impellertype, Electromagnetic type, Vortex type. Orifice Plate type, Venturi meter, Flow nozzle Rotameter, Manometer, Turbine Flow Sensor.
  • Interface with Ether net based DAQ
  • 8 Channel 24 bit ADC DAQ
  • Data Logging
  • Start, Stop, Pump, Solenoid Valve buttons, Visual Indicator, Audio Indicator, Pump, and Solenoid Valve
  • 7” HMI
  • R eal time DAQ Inter face with ADC and Digital input/output
  • Tower Light for Process Indication
  • Enhanced electrical safety consideration
  • Powder coated frames with standard instrument mounting
  • Caster Wheel (with locking mechanism) provided at the legs of the Workstation for easy movement
  • MCB with AC supply for safety purposes
  • Sump Tank
  • Product tutorial-Online

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