Electro Pneumatic Workbench

Electro Pneumatic Workbench

Product Description

Scientech 2470 Electro Pneumatic Workbench is designed to demonstrate the design, construction and application of Pneumatic components and circuits. It integrates PLC technology to build Hybrid Industrial Automation systems with Pneumatic components and modules.

Pneumatic technology is found in numerous areas of engineering. Students investigate the basic “building blocks“ of modern Pneumatics and how they are interconnected to form systems. Pneumatic systems provide the power needed to control aircrafts, operate heavy dump trucks, excavators, operate the brakes in our cars and even power lifts in tall buildings.

PLC provides flexibility to design and build numerous systems using software and I/O interfaces without changing hard wired connections.

Product Features

  • PLC operated Electro Pneumatic platform
  • 12 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs
  • Open platform to explore wide PLC and Pneumatic applications
  • Industrial feel & look
  • Function and identification of Pneumatic components and their symbols
  • Powerful instruction sets
  • Extremely easy and student friendly software
  • Several sample Ladder programs
  • Practice troubleshooting skills
  • Workbench has 4 wheels, for suitable movement and installation
  • Robust construction
  • Toggle switches, LEDs, buzzer, double acting cylinder, solenoid valve, flow control valve, manifold, hand lever valve, limit switch, proximity sensor, IR sensor, palm actuator, OR valve, roller lever valve, FRL, pressure gauge, TEE, single acting cylinder, and air compressor
  • 4 mm patch cord connections
  • Mounting panel for Pneumatic Components
  • Storage drawers with locking facility, Place in drawers for patch cords, and other accessories for storage, and easy identification.
  • MCB for ON/OFF control and over load protection
  • Provision for PC – CPU
  • Sequential & Linear Pneumatic control
  • Understanding of Industrial Pneumatic Components
  • Pneumatic safety awareness
  • Online product tutorials

Scope of Learning

Study and use of :

  • Ladder Programming

  • Normally Open bit (NO) and Normally Close bit (NC) instruction by PLC

  • Logic gate e.g. NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR

  • Memory bit

  • Set & Reset bit

  • Special Memory bits

  • Timer instruction

  • Cumulative Timer instruction

  • Counter instruction

  • UDCTR instruction

  • PWM instruction

  • Compare instruction

  • Arithmetic function (addition)

  • Move instruction

  • Conversion (BCD to Binary instruction)

  • Jump & Label instruction

  • Subroutine

  • Fundamental principle of Pneumatics and its application

  • Air compressor

  • Sensor & Actuator

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