Antenna, Radar and Satellite Communication

Things have been changing quickly in the wireless world. But one thing has never changed since the very first antenna was made: the antenna is a practical engineering subject. It will remain an engineering subject. Once an antenna is designed and made, it must be tested. How well it works is not just determined by the antenna itself, it also depends on the other parts of the system and the environment. The standalone antenna performance can be very different from that of an installed antenna. For example, when a mobile phone antenna is designed, we must take the case, other parts of the phone and even our hands into account to ensure that it will work well in the real world. The antenna is an essential device of a radio system, but not an isolated device! This makes it an interesting and challenging subject.

Scientech offers a desktop Antenna Training System specially designed for students. It is very useful for introducing practical verification of antenna operation to the students. The work book provides theoretical concepts and detail procedure of experiments with each type of antenna. The training system includes set of modular mechanical elements forming various antennas, a transmitter unit and a detector unit. All the accessories are packed in a convenient carrying case. The Antenna Training System also comes with Motorized Antenna Unit to automate the recording of the radiation pattern of the antennas. The Motorized Antenna Unit consists of a Microcontroller based system for Capturing, Displaying and Printing of Antenna radiation pattern. The system capture signal at an interval of 1° rotation using stepper motor and radiation pattern is displayed on computer using real-time software.

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